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Case Studies

SEEDAC has provided IT solutions for diverse group of clients around the world. We are confident that we have the experience to help you meet today's business challenges.
Our Case Studies highlight the broad experience we have in meeting the challenges of these clients in multiple industries and locations. Although your IT needs may be different, our Case Studies demonstrate our success in helping clients meet their needs using our experience and time-tested methodologies.

Client: City Fashions

Company Overview
City Fashions is a leading direct merchant of traditionally styled, casual clothing for men, women and children, as well as soft luggage and products for the home. The company's products are offered through regular mailings of its primary and specialty catalogs and via the Internet. City Fashions is known for providing products of exceptional quality at prices representing honest value, enhanced by a commitment to excellence in customer service.

The Business Challenge
To become a trend setting e-retailer, City Fashions chose the electronic gift certificate as an early addition to its Web site. The application was designed and implemented by SEEDAC, which provided all of the benefits of automation. Although it is a seemingly routine enhancement to an existing application, City Fashions claims to be one of the first e-retailers to implement such an integrated solution. City Fashions requirements:
  • Seamless integration with the existing shopping cart.
    (The technical challenge was integrating non-inventory items into their order entry system and legacy custom-built shopping cart, while providing a unified shopping experience.)
  • Provide a fun and fast customer experience, as well as a way to send a last-minute gift certificate on-line.
  • Provide options for delivery of gift certificates that would meet customer needs: traditional paper and electronic.
  • Designing and delivering a creative gift card selection process.
  • Providing an intuitive easy interface to collect the necessary information needed to successfully deliver the gift certificate.
  • Provide all the user-friendly management screens needed for City Fashion’s reporting, including financial tracking.

The SEEDAC Solution
Through its on-site and off-site delivery model, SEEDAC delivered a fully integrated Web application, which has been implemented since early 2005. The technologies used include:
  • Sun Systems 8-processor machine running Solaris UNIX
  • Vignette Software to deliver the gift cards
  • HTML 4.0 to service the majority of browsers
  • CGI and C++ for checkout features
  • MQ access to legacy IMS Mainframe systems
  • Advanced email capabilities designed and implemented by SEEDAC, and processed through a Web-based mail Application Service Provider to the recipient
  • Web Server running Apache Web Server Software

  • The ability to link customers directly back to their e-commerce enabled Web site, where they can immediately spend their certificate
  • Better control and accuracy on maintenance and delivery
  • Integration with existing personalization, which enhanced the value of this option
  • Increased validation in the redemption process, lowering the customer service costs
  • Decreased human involvement in the process, increasing productivity in other areas and reducing errors

Last but not least, every recipient of a gift certificate is now potentially a new long-term City Fashions customer!
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