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Evolution of SEEDAC
The Early Days
After success with a leading Indian Technology Services firm, Suresh N. launched SEEDAC in 2004. The business model was simple in those days: Work with local corporations to place well-trained programmers at the customer's location for project work. But the world and the approach to delivering technology services would change quite dramatically in the coming years.

Going Global
In 2006, when most IT services firms were focused on delivering on-site services, SEEDAC was busy launching its Global Development Center in Calicut, India. By leveraging the outstanding pool of technology talent, a 12-hour time zone variance, and economies of scale, SEEDAC became one of the efficient and cost effective firms to run an around-the-clock IT project approach.

Today and the Future
SEEDAC has significantly shifted its business model in several ways. Today, majority of our revenues come from Applications Outsourcing and e-Business consulting services. We have dramatically altered how we deliver services, pioneering an on-site, off-site, offshore approach that gives customers ultimate flexibility in how and where the solutions are delivered. And, we have extended that proven model to the Business Process Outsourcing world. Historically, approximately 90 percent of our revenues are from repeat/referred customers, one of the best rates in the IT services business.

Our customers cite the fact that SEEDAC brings a flexible, collaborative approach to delivering real-world solutions and most of them consider us as long-term partner. We're easy to do business with, and we do everything in our power to exceed our customers' expectations. We're not only grounded in today's technologies, we also have deep expertise in yesterday's and tomorrow's technologies. This, coupled with our growing Business Process Outsourcing services, enables us to bring an enterprise wide approach to delivering real business value to our customers. We strive to live and breathe our brand: Believe IT Done®.
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