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Employee Benefits

SEEDAC employees are dynamic, competitive and always thinking one step ahead. Naturally, we deliver benefits to match. We’re committed to rewarding the people who achieve results for our customers with best-in-the-business benefits.

Our employees are rewarded with competitive pay, opportunities for advancement, recognition programs, paid time off programs, employee referral programs, and full benefits – including comprehensive healthcare, and life insurance!

Recognition Programs
Because we have a strong commitment to serving our customers, we look for opportunities to create unique experiences for our top performing employees. From trips, to events, to rewards, we know how to work hard and play hard. We have had a lot of practice achieving big results, so we tend to get pretty creative with the fun factor. Here are just a few of the programs we offer to reward and recognize our employees.

  • GOOD-SERV Award – Company-wide Program
  • BEST-SEED Award – President Program

Paid Time-Off Programs
At SEEDAC, we know it’s important to have balance away from our jobs – to re-energize, spend time with those we care about, and sometimes just take care of life’s little errands. Our Paid Time Off (PTO) program allows our employees to have the flexibility, convenience and control over how they choose to use their time off. Because we are a culture that works hard but yet makes time to have fun, we think you will be pleased with our generous Paid Time Off Program. Full-Time salaried employees begin accruing Paid Time Off from their first day on the job. The amount of Paid Time Off being accrued would be based on the years of service with us. On top of PTO days we offer seven paid holidays.

Employee Referral Program
Recruit. Refer. Reward. At SEEDAC, everyone is a recruiter! All employees can earn cash rewards for referring exceptionally talented people to SEEDAC. The people you want to work with are the people we want working with us.

Comprehensive Healthcare
At SEEDAC, we appreciate the importance of quality healthcare benefits. They’re at the heart of our commitment to our world-class employees. In medical, dental and vision coverage, we offer the flexibility that allows you to decide what’s right for you, and for your family or dependants.

FT employees are eligible from the first day of employment and may cover their eligible dependants if they wish. Domestic partners (same or opposite gender) may be covered if they meet eligibility requirements.

Life Insurance
Life Insurance is company paid benefit available to eligible employees.
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